Fertility Action Plan

Fertility by Nature is an online, 10-module action plan based on the premise that fertility is a natural body function. If there is a problem conceiving, then there is a problem with the body. If you restore the body to its natural state, conception can occur. It is imperative that both the health of the mother and father are restored as “[I]n approximately 40 percent of infertile couples, the male partner is either the sole cause or contributing cause of infertility.”1.

How does the plan work?

This unique plan is organized into 10 “to-do” modules. Each module addresses a particular problem that may be affecting your fertility and discusses ways in which to treat it using both conventional and alternative treatments, tests and/or remedies. Furthermore, the latter is broken down by body type where possible. Thus, you will no longer be wasting neither time nor money on supplements before finding the remedy that works best for you.

Another important aspect of the plan is that the modules are sequential This is not a haphazard approach to solving all problems that may be preventing you from becoming pregnant. Many of these problems are correlated and the order in which they are addressed is as important as figuring out what they are in the first place. For example, you may suffer from the two problems listed in Module 1 and Module 7. However, the problem in Module 7 will only reoccur if you don’t resolve the problem in Module 1 first as this latter contributes to the former. Thus, once a problem in each module is dealt with, it should be resolved for good.

What are the fees?

The cost of each module is $99.2 There is no initial registration or any other hidden fee.

When you have achieved your goal, or in case you are not satisfied with the program for whatever reason, simply notify us 5 business days before the next scheduled payment and we will cease all future billings and the program will stop. Please note that we are unable to issue any refunds for any modules already provided to you.

All billings will automatically stop after the tenth payment which corresponds to the last module.

How do I get started?

After clicking on the “Register” button and submitting payment for Module 1, you will receive access to an Initial Questionnaire, Module 1 and a Module 1 Questionnaire. The Initial Questionnaire should be filled out within a few days of registering whereas the Module 1 Questionnaire should be filled out after you have begun the “to-do” items of the module. This can be as early as two weeks after starting (however, ideally after one full menstrual cycle).

Each month thereafter, you will be automatically billed for the subsequent module and will gain access to the new module with its questionnaire. This will continue until you have received all 10 Modules at which time billing will stop.

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