I haven’t had time to do any of the action items mentioned in this month’s module. Should I just continue with the next module?

No. The modules are designed to work sequentially so DO NOT SKIP ANY! Just continue from where you left off and incorporate the latest module after an appropriate amount of time has elapsed.

Should I read the module even if I don’t think I have this problem?

Yes. Even though all modules may not pertain to every individual, it is important to read the module so that you may rule it out. Ruling out a problem is as important as defining it in the first place. Furthermore, it will allow you to see what you should not be doing/using. For instance, if you have been using a certain herb mentioned for fertility but you find it in a module that does not pertain to you, then you will know that you should not be using that herb!

May I purchase more than one module at once?

No. We would like to see a 100% success ratio. This cannot be achieved by doing everything at once. The advice in some modules may take more than one month to impact the body (longstanding conditions can take even longer). Furthermore, as the modules are designed to work sequentially, information in module 6, for example, is only relevant if the problem in Module 1 has been addressed.

I don’t know if I have infertility issues yet. Can I still follow this plan?

Absolutely! Since Fertility by Nature focusses on restoring the body to its natural state, it can be followed by infertile couples, those who have just started trying to become pregnant and those who are considering having a baby in the near future. Furthermore, men can also be subscribers to our sight – in fact, one of the modules deals with infertility issues specific to men.

May I email any questions regarding my situation?

At this time, we are unable to respond to personal questions.

Can I print the module?

No. The module is “read only” by subscribers to Fertility by Nature. This is the only way to ensure a low subscriber fee. We are keeping the fees low to enable all individuals to afford access. Otherwise, there would be a risk that the information would be shared with non-paying individuals, resulting in higher fees for paying subscribers. Every effort has been made to keep each module to three pages to ensure ease of readability, sticking to the to-do aspect rather than including educational details and making it easy for readers to follow and put the program into action.

All modules are the property of Fertility by Nature and access to information is limited to paying subscribers only. Copying and forwarding of any information to third parties is strictly prohibited.

May I cancel at any time?

Yes. As long as notice is received 5 days prior to the next month’s billing date, you will not be billed for the next module.

May I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund for any module that has already been made available to you.